Kitah Vav – Sixth Grade

GRADE 6: Torah and personal significance

As we transition into middle school, 6th grade students will begin the USCJ Etgar (“Challenge”) Curriculum.  Hebrew curriculum includes an in-depth look at the Torah service: origins, choreography, and prayer meaning as well as Torah and haftorah trope and blessings.  We also review and look at the origins and history of the Amidah.   We introduce sacred texts, friendship, Kashrut, and begin to apply mitzvot to our modern lives with an in-depth study of Bikkur Cholim.  Hebrew class will focus on pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah skills.

Project Etgar is founded on the educational principle that human beings learn best in cooperation with other human beings by actively processing information that they find personally meaningful.   Our approach to middle school students is designed to provide a positive emotional and intellectual climate where students can apply their growing Jewish knowledge and understanding to their own lives.  This curriculum and instructional approach seeks to carve out of the vastness of the Jewish spiritual legacy of texts, values and sacred-deed mitzvah, a discreet, masterable core of knowledge that will be shared by all Etgar students.  Judaic content is presented in an integrated way, weaving in texts, information, history and Jewish living into a holistic, learner-centered tapestry of experience.