Kitah Hay – Fifth Grade

GRADE 5:  Tanach and traditions

Ourr 5th grade class begins to pull together their prayer skills as they study the Shabbat morning service, with a special emphasis on the Amidah and vocabulary-building through the use of shoreshim (root words).  Students are treated to a series of mini-courses including kashrut, menschlakeit, and Intro to Text Study.  We are introduced to midrash, and begin learning how we make ethical decisions based on our ancient texts. An in-depth study of Biblical history, beginning with Abraham, gives these more mature students a chance to revisit their Bible stories from a historical point of view.

Intro to Jewish History (Vol.1)  and workbook 

A Kid’s Mensch Handbook                                                                                                           

Manga Midrash

Hineni 2  11-12 only

Hineni 3