Kitah Aleph – First Grade

GRADE 1:   The Jewish Home 

Our 1st grade focuses on how we are Jewish at home as well as in the synagogue, with the emphasis on Jewish symbols and home celebration of each holiday.  We work on reading readiness skills, simple Hebrew vocabulary and songs, and the Sh’ma, which culminates in our beautiful congregational consecration program in the spring.  The concept of Tzedakah is introduced, and Torah through the stories of Joseph, Moses, and Jonah.  We begin to learn about Israel.

Let’s Discover Holidays; Set 1: Fall Holidays; Set 2: Spring Holidays  (pamphlets)

Let’s Explore Being Jewish #6:  Jewish Symbols (pamphlets)

Let’s Discover God  (pamphlets)



Let’s Discover the Bible  (pamphlets)