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Leagrams in Honor of our Consecration Students


On Saturday, February 3, 2018, the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School’s and Bernard and Alice Selevan Religious School’s Kitah Alef Classes will participate in a service known as “Haggigat HaSiddur (receiving one’s prayerbook)”. This ceremony acknowledges and celebrates the beginning of one’s Jewish educational journey.

To participate in a collective congratulation of the students, please purchase a Sisterhood Leagram! Leagrams are personal messages congratulating our consecrants. These messages can be handwritten by you or printed on individual sheets of special Leagram stationery and
beautifully bound together in a book, which the consecrant will receive as part of their Special Day. To purchase a Leagram, complete the form HERE and mark the names of those you wish to honor or visit the Sisterhood website at to purchase online by Friday, January 26, 2018. Due to the process of binding the leagrams, orders cannot be accepted beyond the January 26, 2018 deadline.

The Religious School staff wishes all of our families a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

NO classes on Wednesday (11/22) or Sunday (11/26).  When we get back, we will begin to collect items for our Dec 17 Mitzvah Day.  All Tzedakah collected will go to JFCS’s new Holocaust Memorial Gallery, in hopes of expanding and supporting this extremely important new exhibit.

We will also be collecting items for the Max Block Food Bank, as well as making Hope Bags to distribute to Jacksonville’s homeless population.  Please begin to gather these items.

Stay tuned for more mitzvot that will be practiced on this very special day!


Did You Know….

If you miss or lose your weekly Religious School newsletter, “Connections”, you can look at ALL of the issues on our website!   Choose “Parent Portal” (upper left) and you’ll see a page on the top listed as “Newsletters”.  This is a GREAT way to actually see what we’ve been doing in school each week; there are lots of pictures, like this one:

   or this one: 

or even this one:  

Stay updated and “SEE” the fun we have in our Religious School!