Mitzvah Bag Item Collection



Hello Parents!

From now until the 18th of this month we will be collecting various items to put into Mitzvah Bags that you can keep in your car and give out to those in need. This is a wonderful community outreach that takes little effort but has great impact. Our goal is to make 100 bags with each student getting one. If you donate any items, you can drop them off at the Religious School office. Below is a list of the items that we will be collecting.


small bottles of water

Instant coffee packages

Tea bags

Energy drink powder

Juice cans- boxes

Dried fruit

Instant Oatmeal package

Crackers and cheese/peanut butter sandwiches

Boxes of raisins

Plastic fork/spoon

Slim Jim’s

Individual snack packs of nuts

Granola bars

Cereal bars

Chewing gum

Hard Candy




Baby Wipes ( wet wipes)

Small first aid kit


Comb- brush

Band aids


Socks ( Dollar tree , has a three pack for $1)

Hotel bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant




Gift cards/vouchers:  

Gas station Gift Card ( for hot coffee, drink )