Welcome to the Bernard & Alice Selevan Religious School

The Jacksonville Jewish Center holds Jewish learning as a central value.  Our Religious School offers a thoughtful and engaging curriculum for each of our grades K-8.  Our students belong to a nurturing community dedicated to providing a dynamic and rich educational setting and opportunity for positive growth.  Through the invaluable partnership between Religious School education, congregational life, and family life, students are able to integrate Judaism into their developing personal identity.

Our teachers are capable educators, who delight in mixing formal and informal Jewish educational techniques to help bring each of our learners to Torah. The goal of our “formal” educational component is to provide an atmosphere of learning that will serve as the foundation for a life-long commitment to Torah, Israel and the Jewish community. Our “informal” Jewish education is just as important. We achieve this goal through individual grade and/or all-school family education programs, and combined real-time experiences.  All students engage in regular t’fillot (services).

Our Religious School starts with our warm and nurturing Kindergarten Sunday School that introduces these young students to Bible, mitzvot, Hebrew language and holiday celebrations. Consecration dedicates our first graders to the study of Torah. Our 2nd through 5th grade students add Wednesday afternoons as they continue on with age-appropriate curricula of history, Torah, Israel, ethics and, of course, Hebrew reading and prayer. In addition to continued preparation for Bar or Bat Mitzvah, our middle-school students are immersed in United Synagogue’s Project Etgar, geared towards  the teaching of moral, social,and emotional Jewish adolescent values and behaviors.   All of this is blended together with art, technology, music and celebrations for a full cultural experience.

Although still administered by the Religious School, our 8th graders meet on Wednesday evenings during our MAKOM Hebrew High program, allowing them to connect with other JJC teens.  Periodically, the Day School 8th graders join us for specially selected sessions, building social and academic bridges between all three schools.  8th graders also attend on Shabbat mornings rather than Sunday, as they are welcomed into post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Jewish life by using their new skills on a regular basis in the sanctuary as well as becoming leaders in our various Youth Services.

For more information about our religious school program, please do not hesitate to call Lois Tompkins, Principal, at 268-4200, ext. 146.

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